Tropical Storm Hanna 11 AM Update!

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Hi everybody. At 11 AM, Hanna is now making her North turn and is moving at 6 mph. Hanna has not gotten any stronger, but she is getting larger and covering a larger area. The forecast track has again taken her more to the east, especially in the latter part of the forecast period. The new track keeps Hanna about 193 miles off our coast. The system is going to hit the east tip of South Carolina and then spend some time over water before hitting the Massachusetts coastal areas and the tip of Long Island. Residents in this area should be prepared for the potential of a relatively rare tropical storm/hurricane. The arrival time for us is a bit later, it will be at it’s closest point on Friday morning. You have a bit more time to watch.
It should be noted that the models have again shifted to the east. This may be reflected even more in the next couple of updates. It would not be unreasonable to assume that Hanna may stay as much as 230 miles off the coast. That is far enough for breathing room.

As of now, residents in coastal Carolina and coastal Mid Atlantic region should be preparing for a possible tropical event. 

Most of the computer models, the exception is the UKMET, is keeping Ike to our south. I should note that by around Monday, Ike is forecast to be a cat 3 hurricane in the SE Bahamas. How fast Hanna gets out will have an impact on how far north Ike travels. We will be in the cone of Ike as he passes to our south. It is not out of the question for Ike to clip S Florida with a landfall.

Beyond Ike, all the rest should be fish spinners and as the coming weeks pass, activity should start to wind down. We are now in the historic peak of the season. Soon, The Atlantic will start to revert to the Fall season and activity, especially that off of Africa, will decline. There after, our main concern will be storms that might develop closer to home or in the Caribbean.


Tropical storm Hanna is struggling to maintain TS status!

Hi everybody. Tropical storm Hanna is struggling to maintain TS status. In fact, the cyclone is beginning to look more like a subtropical system.

The new model guidance is taking the system w NW with a decrease in forward speed. A weakness in the ridge is forecast at that point just east of the Bahamas. This weakness in the ridge is expected to allow the cyclone to break through and take a more northerly course. This is going to be one of those wait for the turn storms. This turn is being shown by most of the global models.

Gustav has weakenned slightly after crossing Cuba. The eye has filled in and a recon is flying out to the system to get an exact fix on the intensity. The model guidance is still the same with a beeline to the Louisiana coast.

I will have more on the track of Hanna in the morning as we see if the models still are showing the same general motion and track.