Your Latest Florida Weather Information

Hi everybody. The first real cold front of the season will be embarking on East Central Florida this weekend. Temperatures will dip into the 50’s, possibly the lower 50’s on Sunday night. This cool weather will last into next week.
The next 2 days will be extremly unsettled with a strong high pressure ridge banding with a low pressure center. This will bring showery weather to our area tonight. Stating tomoorrow, Rain will become heavier and more widespread as the low moves into the Gulf and merges with a well developed storm in the Plains. The  wind flow will generate a classic “overrunning” rain event that is characterized by widespread and steady rainfall. The heaviest rain will occur Friday and Friday night with the chances around 80%.
Saturday, a strong jet coming down from the Plains will help push the rain out of our area and usher in the cold front.
Sunday will be gorgeous with temps barely making 80 and lows in the 50’s. Once we get through the rain, get ready for some great fall weather!
Follow the radar action right here as the rains begin to fall. Tomorrow, I may activate the Digital Doppler loops as the system evolves. I will send a notification with the link when it is actvated.


Florida Weather Information , Invest 93

Your Latest Florida Weather Information

Hi everybody. We are now watching invest 93 with care. Invest 93 is now a broad area of cloudiness that is beginning to show some signs of development. Right now, the upper level winds are not really favorable for development but that is expected to change over the next couple of days. A depression could form in another day or two. Initially, the model runs were keeping the invest well to our south but the new models are showing more of a course east of the Bahamas. Because of this model shift, it is definitely worth watching. Here are the latest model runs. A recon will investigate the area tomorrow, if necessary.
Starting Sunday, the rain chances for East Central Florida are going to be on the increase for the next several days with the rain chances going up to 50%.
I will keep you posted with the recon information if a plane is indeed dispatched to the system.

Hanna Producing Squalls…Ike Moving West

Your Latest Florida Weather Information
Hi everybody. Hanna will be producing heavy rain squalls and some high wind gusts today. She is now racing past us toward the SE US.

Hurricane Ike has weakened a little Ike is now down to 125 mph. The model tracks are now shifting farther west and that could be a good thing for us. If the tracks keep shifting enough, this might take the system more towards the Gulf.

I will have a full update tonight.

New Information on Tropical Storm Hanna!

Your Latest Florida Weather Information

Hi everybody! The latest information from the NWS shows that the models are in much better agreement on keeping Hanna well to our east. This is certainly the news I have been hoping for. In fact, we will be on the dry side of Hanna so a heavy rain event is not evident at this time. Rip currents and high surf will be a factor, however. In fact, the chance of showers will be at 20% or less on the current forecast track. I will have more updates later but I thought it prudent to share this bit of good news on this holiday weekend. As always, stay tuned in case of changes but go about your usual business this week end! Enjoy!