8 AM Tropical Update, Hanna is holding 80 mph!

Your Latest Florida Weather Information
Hi everybody. Hanna is holding on to the 80 mph wind speed, She is still meandering and drifting to the west at 2 mph. The track guidance and models are still the same scenerio with a track east of Florida. All but one model keeps the cyclone offshore of the Florida coast.

The official forecast track keeps Hanna about 125 miles offshore on her closest path to us. Remember, we are in the cone so watches and/or warnings of some type will likely be issued as soon as she picks up forward speed. That is what we all are waiting for. This will give us a much beeter idea on exactly where she is goinng.

For now, I am sticking to the forecast track of the NHC and I think, according to the model guidance, that she may veer a bit more offshore then the official track calls for. We will have to see how well this transpires. As always, keep close tabs on the forecast track all day as she could start that forward motion at anytime.

Just a note…Depression 10 has formed in the FAR Atlantic. The models appear to be shoving that one out to sea.