We are tracking Tropical Storm Kyle in the Atlantic!

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Hi everybody. We are tracking Tropical Storm Kyle in the Atlantic. Kyle appears to be gettinhg his act together as he moves to the n-ne. He is in an area that is demonstating some wind shear which is the main facter in keeping the system in check. The intensity forecast is somewhat probleatic as the system is going to enter an area with less wind shear in the coming days. That should allow Kyle to strengthen. Depending on the rate of intensification at that time, we will tghen have a better idea of what strength Kyle will be when he nears New England or the Canadian Maritimes. Kyle could be very well be a hurricane when he approaches these areas.

The model forecast is also a bit problematic in the far reaches of the forecast. Residents in the NE US need to pay close attention to the progress of Kyle. This is especially true for New England. It is not out of the question for New England to experience hurricane conditions.

Although Kyle should start to weaken once he gets north of the Gulf Stream, there is a good possibility that he will maintain hurricane strength as he nears the New England area.
We will have to closely moniter the track changes (if any) over the next few days.
Invest 94 is now over the Carolinas with wind gusts near hurricane force but with no closed circulation, it cannot be officially classified.

If you have friends, relatives in the NE, please advise them to keep a heads up on the weather this coming week.