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Hi everybody. It is quite rare to be tracking a hurricane in the tropics given the time of year. Rare as it it is, wea are tracking a hurricane that is still getting stronger with dropping pressures. The models are in decent agreement that the system will drift north over the next 24 hours. The cyclone will then turn more to the northeast and cross Cuba as a hurricane, possibly major. The sytem will then cross the Central Bahamas and weaken. This is the scenerio that is most likely. A couple of models actually take the system west where weakenning would occur. This is not the most likely prospect, however. Most of the models are showing a well organized cyclone when Paloma crosses Cuba. That is not good news for the island nation as they have been slammed with storm after storm this season. The Bahamas have had their share of storms also.
Paloma has rapidly intensified over the past 24 hours by 34 knots. The current forecast calls for this rapid intensification mode to end in about 24 hours. Paloma has a very impressive outflow pattern and is in an area of low verticle shear. After crossing Cuba, the shear is expected to increase and that combined with the passage over Cuba will help to weaken the system. That will be good news for the Central Bahmas as Paloma enters THe Atlantic.
You can view the latest track and model graphics at


Hurricane Ike Approaching Texas!

Hi everybody. Hurricane Ike is slowly intensifying as it approaches the coast. Ike is now a 110 mph hurricane. The storm is massive and the storm surge is that of a much larger storm. The storm surge expected along the hurricane’s path is estimated to be 20 feet and will be up to 25 in some areas. keep in mind that the protective seawall around Galveston is only 17 feet high. Also keep in mind that many residents that were asked to leave did not. Although there will certainly be wind damage, the main problem with this storm is going to be the storm surge. It is a known fact that most hurricane related deaths are not from wind, they are from drowning in the surge.

Ike’s main feature is not his inner core. The system is an extremely large storm with a huge wind field. He lacks a well defined eye and that has helped him stay weaker. The area that Ike is going to hit has many refineries that pump out about one-fifth of our gasoline stock in the US.
A gauge located on Galveston Island indicates that the water has already risen 9 feet. The main surge will not be felt until just after landfall.

You can get a perfect view of the storm making landfall right here.
In addition to Ike, we are watching Invest 91 in the southern Bahamas. All indications are that this system is not likely to develop but it should be watched all the same. This area is actually a spin-off from Ike that was left behind. I will watch this area for any signs of development.

Hurricane Ike. Update and Radar!

Hi everybody. I am trying to let everybody get a handle on their email so I slowed down the updates after we were out of the cone.

Ike is now headed towards the North Western Gulf of Mexico. Ike is still only at 100 mph or a cat 2 hurricane at the present but some intensification is forecast before landfall. Ike is expected to make landfall on the Texas Coast as a major hurricane.

Ike has been struggling a bit since he is in an area of cooler water temperatures. He has fortunatly missed several of the very warm eddies that often cause storms to go into rapid intensification mode. In addition, his windfiels has expanded tremendously the past 24 hours. Hurricane force winds extend all the way out to 115 miles away from the center. Generally speaking, when the windfield expands that much, it is much harder for a system to develop rapidly.

The cyclone is moving west-northwest around the periphery of a high pressure ridge. Ike is expected to gently recurve as he approaches the coast of Texas and into the Central US.
The models are very tightly clustered and Ike is most likely going to hit near Galveston. It should be noted that because of the tremendous wind field, storm surge flooding will occur well in advance of the center, more in advance then is typical of storms of this sixe.

We will be tracking Ike as he approaches landfall.
I have activated the Houston and New Orleans Digital Doppler Radar sites.You can find them HERE. Please bookmark them and you can view the system as it makes landfall. You can view the latest track and windfield here. You can view the latest watches and warnings graphic here.

Hurricane Ike…Still affecting the Keys

Your Latest Florida Weather Information
Hi everybody. Hurricane Ike battered Key West last night with very heavy rains and winds of 50 mph. Street flooding and power outages were scattered throughout the night. Ike is currently moving NW but a w-nw motion is expected later today. The track of Ike has put the state of Texas on alert as possibly the next target. At 11 AM, Ike was moving little and gaining in both strength and size.

He is currently drifting in a general w-nw direction at about 3 mph. We never like to see storms stall. Ike has become a large cyclone with hurricane force winds extending to 80 miles and tropical storm force winds out to 205 miles. Ike is now a 90 mph hurricane. Ike is expected to pass over several very warm eddies in the Gulf. This could lead to significant strengthening in the coming days. There is strong confidence in the models for the next 3 days, thereafter the models spread out a bit but Ike should should be on the Texas coast in about 3 days.

We will be following that landfall with Digital Doppler as he approaches the region.
The tropical storm warning is still in effect from just West of Key West to the Dry Tortugas.
Gusty winds will still impact the Keys today but will subside as the day progresses.
Visitor will be able to start entering the Keys again on Thursday. You should check your reservations before going on your trip.

Awsome Weather Cam…Key West Hurricane IKE!

Hi guys, check out this weather cam from the Ship Wreck Museum in Key West. You will need the Media Player

Hurricane Ike 5 PM Update

Your Latest Florida Weather Information
Hi everybody. Hurricane Ike is hugging the south coast of Cuba. As expected, the core of Ike has been disrubted. This has weakened Ike to a 80 mph hurricane and further weakeing is possible. Once in the Gulf, he is expected to increase in intensity as he makes his way to the Gulf Coast.

Models are in uninanimous agreement on the forecast track. Tropical Storm warnings and a hurricane watch remain up for the Florida Keys.

Hurricane Watch Issued For Florida Keys

Your Latest Florida Weather Information

Hi everybody. New information at 11. Hurricane watches have been issued for the Florida Keys. Evacuations should be taken seriously. For Key West, ther is a 69% chance that they will receive winds of 39 MPH or higher and a 21% chance of winds over hurricane force.

For Miami, there is a 41% chance of winds over 39 MPH and a 5% chance of sustained winds over hurricane force.

Many draw bridges are being “locked down” to allow for smooth flow of traffic for the evacuations.