Huricane Hanna 11 PM Update!

Hi everybody. As expected, the track has shifted more to the east. We are now only in a small chunk of the cone. I hope this shift holds true as we do not need another soaker this close together.

The deep convection has diminished somewhat over the past couple of hours but this could just be temperary. Only modest changes in intensity are anticipated over the next few days. Hanna could be a cat 2 storm as it passes east (hopefully) of the Penninsula.

You can view the live weather from Pine Cay in the Bahamas which is very near the center of Hanna. Here is the link.

No recon has been in the storm this evening so pinpointing the center has been difficult. Strong high pressure is keeping Hanna from moving north. The high is expected by models to weaken which will eventually allow Hanna to move NW into the Carolinas or Georgia (most likely).

Stay closely tuned on this storm. We do have another storm, Ike but he is too far away to start making landfall predictions. I will begin coverage on him once we get Hanna out of our hair.


Hanna has strengthened to 80 mph and is now a hurricane!

 I just got the new model tracks in and they have trended quite a bit to the right of previous tracks.

 The NHc has not yet adjusted their track but we MGHT see an adjustment at the 11 PM update.
Hanna has strengthened to 80 mph and is now a hurricane. We cannot rule out a brush or a evan a landfall, according to the NWS.

Hanna is now stationary and just meandering around. I hope that the models continue to trend towards the right. This trend tonight may or may not affect the track at 11. If the trend continues, we will most likely see a eastward shift tomorrow. We will have to see how this transpires. Remember that 2 of the models are showing a Florida landfall. I will have an update at 11.