Hurricane Hanna Forecast To Threaten East Central Florida!

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Hi everybody. Hanna is getting more and more likely to be a player in our weather on Thursday, especially from afternoon on. On the current forecast track, the highest winds will stay offshore but….any deviation in the track will bring much stronger winds and heavier rains to our region. There are some important things to remember to avoid a repeat of all the stranded people in Fay. You may leave to work with not so bad weather. If the system turns while you are out, you risk loosing your car or worse if hurricane conditions come upon us. Please, I want everybody to be safe during this potential dangerous weather event. Please remember that a landfall in our area cannot be ruled out but in all likihood, the system will parallel the coast offshore.

If you live in an area where streets and yards flooded during Fay, you need to exercise special caution as the lakes and canals are still high from the recent rains. Streets will flood rapidly…in just a matter of 15 minutes in some cases if the storm angles in close enough.

With all this in mind, it is still too early to tell the exact angle Hanna will came in on. That will not be known until she starts her much awaited turn. It is forecast to begin very soon.
Even though Hanna is just a tropical storm, once she gets into the warm Gulf Stream, intensification is possible and likely. remember, we are terrible on forecasting storm intensities and with today’s environment, storms take on a new identity real fast…sometimes InĀ  a matter of hours.
In short….simply be prepared for possible tropical storm/hurricane conditions on Thursday. If there are ANY track changes or model changes I will get them out to as fast as possible.

The Governor has already put Florida under a state of emergency so aid can get to us fast if it is needed. When the governor asks people to stay off the roads, please do so. When I had the scanner on during Fay, the police were having a hard time rescuing motorists trapped in their cars. The only people who should be on the roads during tropical storm or hurricane warning periods are necessary emergency personnel.
Be safe and be ready.


New Information on Tropical Storm Hanna!

Your Latest Florida Weather Information

Hi everybody! The latest information from the NWS shows that the models are in much better agreement on keeping Hanna well to our east. This is certainly the news I have been hoping for. In fact, we will be on the dry side of Hanna so a heavy rain event is not evident at this time. Rip currents and high surf will be a factor, however. In fact, the chance of showers will be at 20% or less on the current forecast track. I will have more updates later but I thought it prudent to share this bit of good news on this holiday weekend. As always, stay tuned in case of changes but go about your usual business this week end! Enjoy!

Hanna Looking Really Ragged!

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Hi everybody. One look at Hanna will reveal a system that is barely holding on. She is being torn apart by the upper level winds and the outer circulation of Gustav. I have not seen the 2 Pm stats yet but I would not be surprised to see a weaker system very soon. You can clearly see the extreme shear going on in this loop. I am patiently awaiting the 2 PM recon info to see if this verifies.

I just received the 2 PM and again, Hanna has weakened down to 45 MPH. The model thinking is still about the same. Hanna is forecast to go West, then SW then NW through a break in the subtropical ridge. If this track holds true, Hanna will parallel the coast far enough away to keep the strongest winds and weather to our east. I stress again that the satellite images of Hanna are VERY ragged and I am almost surprised that she is still at TS status. You can view the latest track here. I cannot get the model tracks as the server that connects with my software is down at the moment.

In short, we have good news on all fronts at the moment. Remember, things can turn around fast so still stay vigilant.