Your Latest Florida Weather Information! Invest 93.

Hi everybody. A special tropical disturbance statement has been issued for Invest 93. Satellite images and bouy reports indicate that a tropical depression may be forming. The system is starting to take on “pre” banding features that indicate cyclonic turning. Areas in Puerto Rico, The Virgin Islands, Hispanolia and the US should moniter the progress of this system. The latest models are showing a more northerly motion at present which if it holds, would keep it well east of us and it looks like it could be a threat for the Mid Atlantic area.

An Air Force recon is on the way to investigate the system so I suspect the first advisory will be issued at 2 PM for Tropical Depression 11. I will keep you advised as I get new model data and recon data.

Latest models are here. I will have them updated by 12 as I still have to generate the new ones.