Now tracking Invest 93

 I know most everybody is glued to the TV tonight watching the election results. I am now tracking Invest 93. The area has become better organized during the day and bears watching. Most of the models are keeping it south as it except for the very precarious LBAR which is very close to extreme South Florida. Remember, hurricane season lasts until November 30th and hurricanes can form in any month of the year. Thsis system could become a tropical entity over the next couple of days. Nothing to worry about now but it absolutly bears watching. Here is the direct link to the models. They will be updated as needed.


Florida Weather Information

Expect gusty northeast winds across much of the Treasure Coast on Monday. A lake wind advisory is in effect from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., the National Weather Service says.
A strong high pressure system is building down the eastern seaboard and will create winds from between 15 and 20 m.p.h., gusting to as high as 30 m.p.h. this afternoon.

The strong winds will create rough and hazardous boating conditions on area lakes and in Intracoastal waters. This may result in high waves.

Heavy showers are also possible. We are also carefully watching Invest 98 as it slowly gets orgainized. An aircraft will be in the area today to check out the system. Models are mixed and have the system going almost anywhere.I will update all this information this afternoon.

Your Latest Florida Weather Information! Invest 93.

Hi everybody. A special tropical disturbance statement has been issued for Invest 93. Satellite images and bouy reports indicate that a tropical depression may be forming. The system is starting to take on “pre” banding features that indicate cyclonic turning. Areas in Puerto Rico, The Virgin Islands, Hispanolia and the US should moniter the progress of this system. The latest models are showing a more northerly motion at present which if it holds, would keep it well east of us and it looks like it could be a threat for the Mid Atlantic area.

An Air Force recon is on the way to investigate the system so I suspect the first advisory will be issued at 2 PM for Tropical Depression 11. I will keep you advised as I get new model data and recon data.

Latest models are here. I will have them updated by 12 as I still have to generate the new ones.

Florida Weather Information , Invest 93

Your Latest Florida Weather Information

Hi everybody. We are now watching invest 93 with care. Invest 93 is now a broad area of cloudiness that is beginning to show some signs of development. Right now, the upper level winds are not really favorable for development but that is expected to change over the next couple of days. A depression could form in another day or two. Initially, the model runs were keeping the invest well to our south but the new models are showing more of a course east of the Bahamas. Because of this model shift, it is definitely worth watching. Here are the latest model runs. A recon will investigate the area tomorrow, if necessary.
Starting Sunday, the rain chances for East Central Florida are going to be on the increase for the next several days with the rain chances going up to 50%.
I will keep you posted with the recon information if a plane is indeed dispatched to the system.