Hurricane Ike 8 PM Update!

Your Latest Florida Weather Information
Hi everybody. At 8 Pm , Ike continues to be a major hurricane. Winds are holding at 135 mph. The vertical shear over Ike is decreasing and this is allowing for intensification. Models are still in good agreement that Ike is going to the Gulf of Mexico. I just saw two different runs from tonight and one run was slightly more north but the latest runs have again shifted south and west. I must stress that because of the power of this hurricane, we must not get too relaxed and stop watching the advisories. Please either watch some sort of media or keep checking your e mails right here. to stay up to date.

From the recent models that I have seen, I do not expect any huge changes in the track forecast. Most of Florida is still in the extreme sides of the cone so be sure to pay attention.

Ike is still being steered by an upper level ridge that”s expected to keep Ike on his west track. Later in the forecast, the ridge is expected to retreat to the north, Ike will then a west northwest track into the Gulf. This is where the main uncertainty is. Some models take Ike all the way to Mexico while others take him more north to the Florida Panhandle. The official track from the NHC will take a blend of the models and most likely place the track somewhere in the center. If you live on the Gulf Coast you need to pay close attention…again. If you live in the Keys, you need to follow all evacuation orders.

A slight shift in the track could bring Ike’s damaging winds dangerously close to you.PLEASE do not try to be a hero..leave when you are asked to. Residents on the West Coast of Florida also need to be vigilant in case of a more northerly course after crossing Cuba. You also need to pay close attention…especially Tuesday and Wednesday.
I have will have another update at 11 with a new track forecast and model synopsis.


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