Hurricane Ike 11 PM Coverage!

Your Latest Florida Weather Information

Hi everybody. Here is the latest. Ike is maintaining his 135 mph winds. The models…they are in unanimous agreement on the current forecast track. Again, the track has been shifted a bit farther from Florida. Most of Florida is now out of the cone. The chances for hurricane force winds in our area is now only about 3%.
After a very scary hesitation on the forward speed tonight, Ike has resumed his track on a west sw direction. The big question on his intensity after he leaves Cuba will greatly depend on whether he is over land or water. The current forecast takes him almost across the entire island. This would have a huge impact on his intensity. He could emerge as a cat 1 or even a tropical storm. He will most likely intensify, and possibly rapidly, after he emerges into the Gulf.

The Florida Keys are the most vulnerable and will come the closest to the winds of Ike. I t would not be impossible to see very windy conditions in this area, especially the lower Keys. Remember that only small shifts in the forecast track could bring more winds or rain to this area.
All in all, we are looking better with every forecast. I don’t think there will be much more of a west trend but rather a fairly stable track that may shift slightly left and right with passing time.
You can check the latest models here.


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