Hurricane Ike, 5 PM Advisory!

Your Latest Florida Weather Information
Hi everybody. Hanna is going to stir up some excitement along the Eastern Seaboard as she travels north up the coast. Tropical Storm Warnings are now up to New Jersey and watches have been issued as far north as Massachusetts. Hanna is still under hurricane strength as she approaches the Carolinas.
Hurricane Ike is till holding on to major hurricane status at 115 mph. Almost all the global models have shifted south and west and this has been reflected in the official track. If the trend continues, I have received word that they will most likely shift the track more south and west again at 11. This is good news for us but not the Keys. Ike is currently in an area of northerly shear. This is helping to keep the winds in check. I must add that he is a very symmetrical storm and under the right conditions, he could intensify again and very rapidly.

He could pose a life threatening danger to the Keys early next week. A mandatory evacuation of visitors will begin tomorrow. People in the Keys need to take this one very seriously. There has been a lot of false alarms but I don’t think Ike is going to be one of them.

Are we out of the woods? No. We still need to watch very carefully throughout the weekend to be sure there are no sudden changes. Ike is an extremely dangerous storm and his presence needs to be taken seriously.
On his present track, if it holds true, we will only have a windy day with showers during the period.
Please do not let your guard down. This is a dangerous storm, stay informed!!
You can view the current track and information here.


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