Hurricane Ike 11 PM Update

Your Latest Florida Weather Information
Hi everybody. Hurricane Ike is holding his own at 135 mph even though he in in an area where some wind shear is occurring. Ike is a small, but impressive storm that is very symmetrical and has a distinct eye feature. From satellite and space, it paints a beautiful picture but if it is heading towards you it not as nice a picture at all. Ike remains an extremely dangerous cat 4 hurricane. Ike is expected to run into higher shear over the next couple of days and weakening is forecast, at least for the short term.

It appears on satellite that Ike has turned West and is running under a sub tropical ridge that is keeping him from recurving. This ridge is expected to remain over Ike until around day 5 of the forecast. At that time, Ike will begin a west-northwest as he rounds the back side of the ridge. The models are not in full agreement where this turn will take place. Some make the turn over the Bahamas while other models make the turn over Cuba or the Florida Straits. Right now to be safe, the NHC is putting the track guidance right down the middle.

 It is still too early to tell exactly what land mass will be directly affected by Ike.
Regardless of where Ike goes. It will be a very nerve ending week here in Florida or possibly even the Gulf.


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