Hurricane Ike Update 9:00 AM

Your Latest Florida Weather Information…
Hi everybody. We are still tracking Hanna. Hanna is not a concern to us for the most part at this time.She will pass well to our East and is now forecast to be a major player in New England.

We are generally going to focus on Ike. Ike is now nearing cat 5 strength. He is forecast to be in the same position as Hanna, in fact farther east, coming through the Bahamas. The track right now is aimed at our area as a major cat4 hurricane. By Monday if this track holds, we will see warnings and evacuations most likely begin. The models are in a little too much agreement to suit me right now. By Tuesday, the storm will abe just off the coast in some shaop or form.

On the current track, I urge all to have a plan and plan on executing it by Monday. The best case scenerio we can look for is for Ike to follow a similar track to Hanna and make a turn, but I dont know how likely that is at the moment. The GFS shows Ike recurving well offshore from Florida and the ECMWF has Ike making landfall in SE Central Florida. There is a wide swing on the models so we must watch this system with care.
In short, the decision day and possibly the action day will be Monday. Tuesday the system will either be passing just to our east or will be approaching the northern Bahamas toward our area.


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