Hurricane Ike 11 AM Update!

Your Latest Florida Weather Information
Hi everybody. We have some new information on Ike. Ike is entering an area of northerly shear and has weakened to 140 mph. Still a very potent hurricane. The only good news I can get out of this update is the shear is forecast to remain the next couple of days. This will promote even more weakening. He is still forecast to remain a major hurricane, however.

They models are mixed. One set of models has the system following the more sw track and then moving NW while another set of models has the system gaining more latitude with less of a west-sw component. The hurricane could also be impacted by the cooler waters in the area where Hanna has been a;most all week. This is certainly some good news in what was looking like a very bleak situation.
The strength of the high is going to be the big player on exactly what landmass is affected by Ike. In addition, Ike has slowed down slightly in his forward speed.

It is good to note that the UKMET model is showing a recurve well east of Florida. This is the only current model that is showing this. Right now all we can hope for is at least a weaker hurricane and not a cat 4 at our doorstep.
I will keep an eye on the models and let you know of any changes in the trend.


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