Hurricane Hanna Update 5 PM

Your Latest Florida Weather Information
Hi everybody. We are currently awaiting the new updates and tracks of both Hanna and Ike. If the vcurrent forecast holds true for this advisory, we should be in good shape with Hanna. Personally, given the satellite presenatation, I do not see Hanna becomming a major problem..especially for us.

I am going to shift the tracks for a moment. Ike is the up and coming one to watch. Ike is forecast to be a major hurricane as it approaches our neck of the woods early next week. Ike is moving a t a very fast clip and is zipping across the Atlantic. The slow movement of Hanna appears to be affecting the track of Ike and is giving the models a more northerly component. Ike will have to be watched and taken more seriosly then Hanna as he is going to be a major cyclone. Coverage on Ike is going to start and overlap with that of Hanna.

Just a note, Josephene is weakening and will probably not survive as she is following in the wake of Ike.
As of 5 PM, Ike has become our fifth hurricane of the season. Ike is packing winds of 80 mph. Additional strengthening is foreacst during the next day or so as he moves west-northwest. Ike is getting stronger and is very well defined. He is currently in a protective “cacoon” that has almost zero shear at the moment. Ike is forecast to be a major hurricane at days 4 and 5 of the forecast period. All the models show strong ridging through the next 5 days. After that. We do not know when or if Ike will begin to round the edge of the ridge and start a turn to the north or whether he will continue west. You can view all the latest tracks here.

It is till unknown if Ike will affect any land areas of the US. One look at the models will cause one to be extremly concerned with such a potent storm aiming at their doorstep. Watch this carefully. Hopefully after Ike, we will get a breather. I know I need one !

Tropical storm Hanna. It seems like we have been covering this system forever. Hanna is getting a bit better organized at the 5 PM update but is still held at 60 mph. She is moving north at 12 mph…finally. The biggest area of concern is Georgia and the Carolinas at the present time. I will be watching the models to be sure there are no diviations as she progresses north. You can view Hanna track and information here.


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