Hanna Track Slightly Shifted

Your Latest Florida Weather Information
Hi everybody. As I previously forecasted, the track has indeed shifted a bit to the east. This is what we want to see. The models are indicating that Hanna will begin her move very soon. I am sure everybody is holding their breath with this storm , I know I am. The new track will take Hanna as far north as Massachusetts with tropical storm force winds. She is forecast to be an 80 mph hurricane as she passes to our east (hopefully).

Hanna has a very ragged appearance on satellite and although the intensity is still at 65 mph, she may actually be weaker. A recon is scheduled to fly in tonight and we may find a weaker storm then currently advertised. This storm could very well be an entire East Coast event. I don’t know how much confidence I have in the new track as of yet. I have yet to see a track stick any longer then one advisory with this cyclone. We will have to look at the new model runs when they come out. Info from the last recon not long ago will be inputted and we will see what we come up with. Hopefully by then Hanna will start moving so we can get her out of here. We are currently on the far left side of the cone but remember, any slight deviation can cause large differences in how we will experience Hanna. If she follows the current track, she will be approximately 140 miles off our coast at her closest swath.

I would advise everyone on the East Coast to keep tabs on this system. That includes the North East.
Tropical Storm Ike (our next player) has a very favorable track as of now. He is riding under a westward building ridge that is actually being created as he moves west. When he enters our area, the ridge is forecast to be very strong that may actually turn him slightly SW. That track will keep him under Florida. But again, we must watch as S Florida will most likely be in his cone of uncertainty. One to watch down the road.
I think Josephine will become a fish spinner.

This is going to be a wild week. This activity should last another week or so and then things should start to get down to a more manageable level.

I will have a fresh update in the AM, hopefully not removing any good news I left you with tonight!


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