Hanna 5 AM update!

Your Latest Florida Weather Information
Hi everybody. Hanna continues to meander near Haiti. She is now drifting towards the north at 2 mph. A gradual n or NW component is expected to resume soon. The global models have again shifted east and the NHC track is on the far west side of the model suite. If this trend continues, I would expect another eastward swift within the next 2 advisories. these shifts, if they happen, would be enough to keep the highest winds out of our area. In fact, this would then be a Carolina/Northeast Hurricane or Tropical Storm! If the track follows more to the east as the models currently have it, the system would run right through Long Island, Conn and Mass. We will have to see if the official forecast follows suit with this model trend. That is my thinking right now.

On the current track, the cyclone will be about 120 miles to our east of us at the closest swath.The eastward movement last night is the thing that shifted the tracks back to the east. The current local forecast still has “tropical storm conditions possible” in the forecast for Thursday night. The current wind gusts expected on the current path are 35 mph. We will have to see if this forecast holds.

It is worth noting that the current forecast track is produced from drop sound measurements in and around Hanna using the Gulf stream IV Jet aircraft. This information usually results in very accurate model runs so confidence is a bit higher on the new forecast track.


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