Hurricane Gustav is now a strong cat 4 storm!

Your Latest Florida Weather Information
Hi everybody. Gustav is now a strong cat 4 storm and will probably be a cat 5 at some point in it’s life. It is expected to weaken some as it approaches the Gulf Coast. Winds are now 145 mph and the track remains the same.
Hanna is undergoing changes today as she appears to be looking more like a sub-tropical storm rather then a tropical storm. The main difference is that a sub-tropical system has a cool core while a tropical storm has a warm core. They can still be quite strong. A subtropical storm can be compared to a Nor’easter up north.
The model spread on Hanna has become quite large with models looking like a tangled mess of wires. The new track is a best guess scenario and has her headed for Florida at the end of the forecast period. I want to caution that this track may or not hold in place so keep checking back the next few days.WE will be watching this storm quite a long time so it will be a wait and see. The track is uncannily similar to Jeanne in 2004.
Some of the models are forecasting a north turn very close to us towards the Carolinas as the ridge begins to weaken. The NHC basically said that forecasting this storm is like ‘Throwing darts”.Don’t panic because of the new forecast track but rather just stay tuned in. It would be prudent to check your hurricane supplies. It would be an excellent idea to fuel up all your vehicles and gas cans before Gustav hits the rigs in the Gulf and prices soar.
One of the biggest concerns of even a close brush with Hanna is the flood potential. We will keep you posted.


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